YouTube’s Recruitment Drive: Wants 30% More Staff

If you are currently feeling the strain of unemployment and have a gift with advanced computing, then feel free to apply for a job at YouTube. Google’s video streaming site is looking to have one of its biggest hiring years ever and is on the lookout for new staff.

YouTube is looking to expand its employees by 30% in 2011; they currently have around 650 members of staff which means that an estimated 200 free positions in the comapny would become available. These slots range across a variety of areas, although advertising sales and customer support is the department where new talent is needed the most according to Mashable.

Just to give you a better insight in to what the job may offer and what your role may involve, we have embedded a video for you below with a quick tour around the building and a chat with some of the existing staff. I am sure that a swimming pool, putting green, gym and indoor garden is quite a unique set of facilities in the workplace; well for a huge internet video company anyway.

YouTube’s main HQ is in San Bruno, California, just outside San Francisco. We recently brought you the news from a survey that YouTube is the number 1 social site for user satisfaction, surpassing that of Facebook. The question we aksed was, can YouTube become the world’s largest social site in the world? They recently acquired a fellow video site, Next New Networks, which could be a sign of their future intent. Will a bolstered workforce help them to gain total social dominanance?