St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations According to Social Networking

Here at OSM we do enjoy a good infographic, a pictorial way of displaying information and data in an easily-digestible form. Recent examples we have detailed include social networking and man’s best friend and another about Grammy predictions. Now we’ve found a fab one for you just for St. Patrick’s Day, which shows how social networkers will celebrate the day.

St. Patrick’s Day is this Thursday, March 17, and we’ll be among the many who enjoy the day with a beer or three and maybe some corned beef and cabbage. The survey used for the infographic was conducted by Lab 42 and it covered people of varying ages and income levels in the U.S. who use social networking. The infographic was brought to our attention by Charlie White of Mashable.

Unsurprisingly perhaps 90% of those surveyed said they would be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or St. Paddy’s Day as some call it. Of those 90%, 61% said they love the occasion, 36% said they like it, while strangely 3% said they don’t really like it (so why are they bothering!)? Of the 10% of people who said they don’t celebrate the day of all-things-green, the reasons given for this were “too many crazy fools running around,” and others.

When asked how they would celebrate the day answers varied from “Get Drunk!” to “Paddy’s Day kiss” and “Pinch those who don’t wear green.” As to the question of whether they considered themselves Irish 53% said that they did and there’s also a breakdown of just how much of their nationality is Irish in percentage terms. 21% of men said they intended to, or have in the past drunk green beer on St. Patrick’s Day while this was 10% for women, although women were more likely to order a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds. 18% of men said they would or had eaten corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day while 22% of women would or have done.

To see the full infographic with more information head to the Mashable link above. So will you be wearing green this Thursday,(94% of those surveyed said they would)? Let us know how you plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by sending us your comments.