Japan Quake & Tsunami News: Facebook Click for Rescue Dogs

The devastating earthquake and consequent tsunami in Japan has caused worldwide concern as sadly, the death toll increasingly rises. We told previously how many celebrities had turned to Twitter to offer condolences and thoughts and now more attention is being focused on how we can help the people of Japan.

We have already reported how singing superstar Lady Gaga has told of a fundraising campaign on Twitter and designed a Japan Prayer bracelet to raise donations. Now we have details of another way we can all help out, which involves a simple click on Facebook. At the SXSW convention Explore.org founder, Charlie Annenberg Weingarten, set a challenge to the community to raise funds for the National Disaster Dog Foundation. A team of rescue dogs is already headed to Japan to help out with the search for survivors, according to Charlie White over on Mashable.

As Weingarten said, “Search and rescue dogs are a critical resource for emergency situations,” adding that people who want to help out those in Japan can support this “with a simple social action.” Anyone who goes to the Facebook page “Dog Bless You” (#dogblessyou or #dogs4japan) simply has to click the “Like” button and Explore.org will donate a dollar, up to $100,000 and that could be doubled if enough people “Like” by today (Sunday).

This is such a great and easy way to help out so head to the “Dog Bless You” Facebook page and get clicking. If you have heard of any other social media campaigns to help out the people of Japan or raise funds please share it with us by letting us know in the comments.