HTC Thunderbolt Car Dock Spotted: Suggests Soon Arrival?

HTC’s Thunderbolt has caused a whirlwind of rumor over its possible release date and yet we are still unsure as to its definite shelf appearance.

Talk of March 17th or 21st seem to be the most prominent dates, although according to Phandroid there are still other possibilities. However just when you lose all hope of an answer something happens to give you a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.

In this case it’s the introduction of accessories designed for the Thunderbolt and sold through Verizon Wireless stores. This gives a hint that the HTC smartphone is highly likely to land this month, and as we are already stuck almost 2 weeks in, our waiting time has been greatly reduced.

Showing up in Official Verizon Wireless Accessory range, the Thunderbolt Car Dock utilizes the navigation side of the devices talents, as well as aiding hands-free control and as 1800mobile states, greatly reduces the risk of traffic violation. Priced at $29.99 makes it a pretty reasonable addition when the Thunderbolt finally lands.

Of course the sighting of the car dock is not really what we are looking at here, it’s what information it gives us to the devices actual release. Is this accessory giving indication of an early arrival? Tell us what you think.