Android Now Available In Plastic

If you love all things Android then this little number is a must have for you. Sure you have Android on your smartphone and tablet, but do you have a little Android that can sit anywhere you like in your house? Now you can have one, as a range plastic Android toys are on the market.

These Android figurines are about 3 inches tall and so are the ideal little companion to have on your computer desk, bedside table or shelf of collectables. There are 16 different designs, all of which can be viewed by paying a visit to Cnet. Google’s mascot for their operating system is made by Dyzplastic, the toy brand of English-born, New York-based artist Andrew Bell.

Retailers such as Ecrater are stocking the little action figure dolls and they are being shifted for around £16 each, but shopping for deals around could see you picking up figurines for as little as £5 each. If you do not know which themed Android you want, then you can buy a “blind box” which contains a random design. If you intend to buy more than one blind box then beware of getting 2 of the same; maybe find a fellow Android fanatic to trade with. Lets hope they can be as popular than the discontinued Steve Jobs action figure!

Each different design has a unique little feature, for instance the propeller spins on one of the Android’s beanie caps. The transparent models like the one pictured have removeable heads, so you can store little random objects like Android badges in them. Google’s little green robot is becoming a brand and anything with the Android sticker on it now is normally good enough to sell. I am sure Android’s strengh will remain in the software department; however these little collectibles are a must have for fans. Let us know if you have or plan to get an Android figurine.