Using USB Input Devices On The Motorola Xoom

So the Motorola Xoom is on the market and if you have your one already you may already have noticed that there are some issues around it using input devices such as a mouse. Well don’t worry there’s a way around the problem that we will explain as best as we can.

Well the first thing that you would need to do is root your Moto tablet and then apply the hack that ‘Roebeet’ of the XDA forums has added. He has also added the hack to and he pays tribute to ‘Koush’ who is 99.9% responsible for the boot.img.

He mentions that his hack is based on the original HR139 firmware and he updated it to the HR166 and it still works because the patch doesn’t update the boot.img file and it doesn’t do anything with the vold.fstab. If it does if you just re-apply it then it should be ok.

First things first, you will need to have the device unlocked and rooted and you can do this by following the instructions on this link. Alternatively if this is the first time you are rooting your device then you will need to use this link to get the boot image as a replacement for the rootboot.img.

You will also need an OTG Cable, Roebeet is using this one. At this point we would recommend following the instructions over at where there are screenshots with the instructions and a step by step guide to get the functionality enabled.

Have you had problems using the USB functionality on the Motorola Xoom? Have you gone ahead with Roebeet’s instructions? Let us know how you get on in the comments section below.