Samsung Galaxy Tab: WiFi Only Model, Erm 10.1 Is Coming Right?

When it comes to the tablet PC market it was previously a dead one until Apple introduced the iPad, this was the point that the market was revolutionized as the sales were immense through 2010. Following on from that there have been quite a few other tablet PCs that have been trying to take advantage of Apple’s success in opening up the market.

One that did particularly well was the Samsung Galaxy Tab, back then many people expected there to be a WiFi only version too however it never materialized… not until now. We have just seen a report from over on Phandroid by Kevin Krause suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi model is expected to be shipping from April 4th with a price tag of $399.

When it comes to Samsung we are a little surprised by this move as $399 isn’t exactly cheap for a tablet PC especially one that has been out for a while. Unless they are going to add better hardware and upgrade the OS further than Android 2.2 we don’t see a market for this.

You can also head over to to read more about this and between them they have also raised a good question… What happened to the 4G version that we saw at CES 2011?

Would you buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi only model for $399? Are you surprised that it’s on its way with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 arrival immanent? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Henry15203

    Yes. I would definitely buy one for that price. I actually got a Xoom when it first came out, however, found it to be disappointingly unstable. Many of the Honeycomb apps that ship on the Xoom where constantly "force closing" … Really pissed me off. I do ave to say that the build quality was VERY, VERY GOOD. I ended up returning it and I have an iPad 2 on order. I'm waiting for either a significant price drop on the Xoom or better competitive price on the Samsung Galaxy 10.1. Wifi-only is fine for me on either.

    • max

      u have a force close problem idk i bought the xoom the day after it came out and besides skype nothing force closed and theres google talk so i haven't rlly had any problems