RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Pre-Order Sears March 12th

One of the major tablet game players of this year will no doubt be Research in Motion’s offering of the BlackBerry PlayBook. Rivals to the new iPad 2, Motorola Xoom, HTC Flyer, HP TouchPad, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and so on, the PlayBook although to some a tad bit on the expensive side will be dropping on our shores in the not so distant future!

The PlayBook which coincidentally is a device we have been talking about for some months, is due to launch on the 10th April with news today of the device being up for pre-order. To have any chance of getting hold of one of this highly sought after tablets, reserving the item is your best chance, and this can be carried out through retailer Sears.

As Engadget stated, the retailer in Canada has supposedly sent out an email, of which can be seen below, informing customers that the PlayBook is available for pre-orders being taken from today (12th March) with shipping to carry out before the 10th April. Over at Slashgear via Crackberry, the reports are a little different with mention of a 33 day countdown commencing on the 15th March, therefore resulting in a date of 17th April.

Just before we go, we realise that there may be a few of you questioning whether RIM’s device will include a video calling feature? Ubergizmo have said that from the beginning there was a possibility that the tablet would reply on Skype for its video calling, but recent indications are showing otherwise. It looks like the BlackBerry will work from its very own video conferencing app using its front and rear cameras.

Are you waiting for the new PlayBook? Why does this tablet stand out from its other competitors?

  • mark

    This playbook will be a game changer for sure……….finally some real competition and a device that supports flash………..security security security….apple leaves you exposed on ipad2………………

  • robert

    Wish it was so. Remember as much as we might like the idea and notion that the Playbook will be a game changer it won't be.

    For it to be a real game changer it would beed to compete directly with the iPad 2 and I doubt RIM had that in mind. Instead they did the right thing and are offering current BB customers something that Apple can't whereas Apple focuses on the masses and gives something to them where BB can't.

  • Booby

    too small.

  • Jus

    This waiting game sucks…I should have bought Galaxy Tab months ago.