Pwn2Own: iPhone 4 Hacked – Phonebook Swiped Via Safari

The Pwn2Own hacking contest becoming pretty prestigious, we have already reported on how various browsers such as IE8 and Safari with Google’s Chrome browser standing tall and untouched. Of course at the time of reporting on the browsers there were still a couple of days of the contest left.

One of the items that were on the agenda was the iPhone 4 where different teams would attempt to exploit it. As reported over on RedmondPie it was Charlie Miller who has once again won the Pwn2Own contest as he managed to hack the iPhone 4. He did it by using an exploit found in the mobile version of Safari and managed to take the address book of the invaded iPhone.

They also say in the report that one of the interesting things about it is that the current iPhone 4 that are running on the iOS 4.3 are safe from this vulnerability, did we say safe… we meant safe’ish. There is something that exists in the current version of iOS called ASLR (address Space Layout Randomization). This doesn’t prevent the problem but for it to happen hackers would need to bypass the ASLR and that is no easy task.

It was Miller who is famed for his exploits on breaking into MacBooks with Safari exploits and vulnerabilities says himself that it would be a much more difficult task with ASLR in place; he said it in an interview over at ZDNet so head on over and have a read about it.

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