Facebook Tagging Will Include a Comment: Your Thoughts?

We all know that Facebook is the most popular social network in the world with more than 500 million users signed up to it. We are also learning of various different apps that can be added. Some of them include the ‘If I Die’ app where you can leave a message for your friends and loved ones when you pass as well as well as yet another example of when people forget that the authorities use Facebook too.

Now we can report that Facebook tagging is going to include comments and we want to know your thoughts on it. Basically what is going to happen is a threaded discussion on Facebook can now expand as the recognition of the @ sign being used as a tag prompts link creation.

If you aren’t aware you can use the @ sign almost anywhere on Facebook and then you can add a link or people that you are already connected to. When it is used it also sends something to the linked person, event or page as allfacebook.com’s Jackie Cohen says in her article and the profile owner or admins may feel the need to get involved in the connection.

With that being the case then it seems logical that Facebook would want to expand on the functionality as they continue to expand all over their site. As you are probably already aware the @ functionality was only available on wall posts and status updates but now it has expanded into comments.

Have you used the new functionality yet? Where will they expand next? Let us know in the comments section below.