Apple TV HDMI via DVI Adapters: Screen Flicker Glitch

There has been some report of issue’s with firmware upgrades on Apple TV, and they all seem to focus around the same problem.

As Ubergizmo reports, a flickering issue has been posted on the Apple support forum after users had downloaded the 4.2 update. Its not just those that run direct HDMI connection either, as HDMI to DVI adapter users performing the 4.3 firmware upgrade also reported issues.

As for the TV brand, that is also inconclusive as a range of makes from Sony to Panasonic have been affected.

While some have investigated the fault with their own devices and been unable to highlight the problem, others like Cnet have listed a couple of procedures to carry out in order to solve the fault.

Firstly is a system reset for your Apple TV along with unplugging the device for a few minutes, trying this whilst connected and again when disconnected could resolve flicker.

Next step is to alter the HDMI output settings, it is said that while your TV may automatically default to the best option this may not be the case.

Finally is the option of changing your TV’s resolution, by selecting an alternative display mode. Selecting 720i or 720p over 1080i may lead to a temporary fix. Apple will know doubt be on top of the problem after reading complaints, so lets see what happens from here.

Let us know if you have experienced any flicker issues with your Apple TV update?

  • Roland Hanbury

    Yes, I have a flicker every few seconds since the update. Apple TV feeding a Samsung UE40C8000 via upscaling in a Denon AVR-2311. Resetting the Apple TV has made no difference.

  • bobb

    Same issue, I have flickering since the update. Was working great before. connected via a hdmi to DVI adapter. Also, can't adjust the video option in the Sound and video menu. I have reset several times with and without it connected to the TV.

  • Dimitri

    same here. SONY TV 1024 hdmi to dvi. Can't change resolution – it's always on auto