Turn Your iPhone & iPad Into A Universal Remote Control – Peel

When we are looking at universal remote controls are there any that spring into your mind? One that jumped into ours was the Logitech Harmony One that was previously on a Cyber Sunday deal but now there’s another that has jumped onto the scene.

This however is a universal remote control with a difference as it works from your iPhone. It’s called the Peel and it works with a small fruit shaped receiver across your WiFi network. Peel is so much more than a universal remote, whilst it can control your TV there are some pretty cool things it can do.

Once you have it all connected up (you can find out how on their official website) then you have full control at your finger tips. Basically you tell Peel where you are and what sort of TV you enjoy watching, and then Peel tells you what’s on visually on your iPhone, iPod Touch or on your iPad. As Slashgear’s Shane McGlaun says you can use touch gestures to turn up and down your volume controls as well as being able to control your DVR.

Peel is basically not only trying to replace your TV remotes but it’s also aiming to replace your TV guide, no more searching through your thousands of channels, Peel tells you everything you need to know. Not only that but from within the app you can broadcast on a few social networks and tell your friends what you are watching.

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Well you can pick the device up for $99 and the app is free to download. What do you think of the device? Will you be picking one of these up?

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