L’Oreal Marketing Transforms Thanks To Facebook & Buddy Media

For many companies, in order to make themselves known to the rest of the world, advertising and marketing plays a huge part in achieving this. Ok so word of mouth and pure recommendation will also bring in customers but are some companies really delving into what’s available out there to help them in their quest?

L’Oreal it seems have got it right! To enable the company and some of its 4,000 salons to get the most amount of advertising coverage, they have now enlisted the help of social networking site Facebook. According to Mashable, yesterday (Thursday) the huge cosmetic and beauty company have looked into what is needed to make their business more successful, particularly trying to engage with customers that may have been lost through the recession. In order to achieve this, they have not only implemented the use of Mark Zuckerberg’s popular Facebook site, but will be using “Buddy Media.”

Consumers will now be able to source up to date information on L’Oreal, along with opening and closing times of salons, services offered, videos, products and so on, the only action that they cannot participate in is that of selling of goods. As well as this, salons will be given an array of publicity material in conjunction with Facebook, such as educational resources and “how to” videos.

Another marketing inclusion is that of “Schedulicity” which will enable customers to make appointments using the system on Facebook.

It seems that L’Oreal haven’t just stopped there either, it has been reported from environmentalleader.com, that the company have been looking into environmental issues, and have implemented 2 new tools to help with their packaging and subsequent waste. Click here for more information.

What do you think about the multi-million pound company getting involved with Facebook? Can you see yourself using the appointments system above or just even logging onto their official Facebook page? Are you a L’Oreal employee, what are your thoughts?