iPad 2 Release: Not All AT&T & Verizon Stores Have Full Stock

We’ve been bringing you all the news for the Apple iPad 2 release today and gave you a buying guide, details of online ordering and how sales will work at Best Buy. However we have now heard that if you want one particular version of the iPad 2 then you shouldn’t be heading down to AT&T stores and not all Verizon stores will have stock of the iPad 2 today.

Earlier today we gave you the information that iPad 2 online orders had already been pushed back from a 2-3 day shipping to a 2-3 week shipping date, such was the demand online. We then advised that if you don’t want to wait your best bet would be to head to one of the many other retailing outlets (Best Buy, Target, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Apple retail stores), selling the iPad from 5pm local time today.

However our attention has been drawn to the fact that AT&T stores have not received stock of the 64GB version of the iPad 2, according to Jonathan S. Geller over on BGR. We cannot vouch for the accuracy of this but AT&T stores have apparently been supplied with the 16GB and 32GB versions in both black and white. As for Verizon stores it seems that stores who have the Apple iPad 2 in stock should have all versions, however it’s not been confirmed that all Verizon stores will be receiving iPad 2 stock for today, although you will be able to order one in-store. Your best bet is probably to ring your local store before heading down there.

We previously posted an information roundup with insight and features of the iPad 2 and also a roundup of the first reviews so if you want to check those out head to the links. For full details of the iPad 2 head to the apple.com product page or for online orders the applestore link here. Are you going to a retail store for your iPad 2 today and if so do you know they have stock before you get in line? Maybe you successfully ordered online? Let us know with your comments.

  • Mike

    I ordered from AT&T and they said it should ship in the next 24hrs. Also offered 2 day free shipping.

  • Rob

    Yeah, I just ordered from ATT, 32 3G. I had wanted the 64GB WiFi but virtually every iPad in the city of SF is gone. I found 1 64 wifi 3g Verizon white in Colma and 1 at Best Buy in Dublin and I am sure if I drove to those places in the morning, there would be others doing the same thing. hopefully, mine will ship as soon as yours did. I am going to SXSW.