In-App Purchases Require Password On Apple IOS 4.3

With the launch of the iPad 2 a short while ago came the news of Apples new IOS 4.3, this OS was released a couple of days early and has already been downloaded by many people. It now appears that in this latest update the use of In-App purchases now requires a password.

According to this post by Slashgear this new policy which prevents the use of accidentally racking up huge iTunes charges, comes after the company received many complaints from angry parents who said the original policy made it very easy for games to lure children into spending hundreds of dollars on in-app purchases.

Previously the old policy allowed a fifteen minute window in which users did not have to re-enter their iTunes password, this meant that some parents found when they downloaded a game for their child to play, within the first fifteen minutes the child had already innocently rung up huge charges.

To help try and stamp out these kinds of situations Apple have now removed this fifteen minute period, and users will have to re-enter their password whenever they want to make an in-app purchase. As well as having this step according to the company has also included some parental controls within the settings of the device.

Within these new settings parents can prevent their children from making in-app purchases, downloading new apps, accessing Safari, YouTube and Facetime, you can read more on this by following the link over to Appleinsider here.

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