How To Remove Unwanted Liked Hoax/Malware Pages From Facebook

Have you received any spam or unwanted pages being directed to your Facebook page or noticed any on your friend’s pages? Well now is your chance to get rid of that stuff and you can share it with all of your infected friends too.

There are quite a few different things floating around Facebook at the moment that have malware attached to them, take for instance the “I lost all respect for (Emma Watson/Miley Cyrus)” ones. There are also a few others such as the Charlie Sheen Death Hoax that are kicking around.

If you have accidentally clicked on any of them or even if you thought “You what?” and just had to click it to find out more then we can help you. You may or may not have noticed the link that you might have clicked is appearing in your Activities and Interests. Of course some of them are genuine especially if you follow anything in particular such as Talk Sport or the ever popular Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Anyway here’s how to get shot of those other pesky ones that you didn’t ‘Like’ in the first place. If you have only received the spam comment and not clicked on it, you can get rid of it straight away by clicking on the delete button and reporting it as spam.

If you have clicked on it then what you need to do is first of all revoke the app’s access so to do that once you are logged into your Facebook account head to the top right hand corner then click on Account then Privacy Settings. Then in the bottom left hand corner of your screen you should find Apps and Websites, click on Edit your settings.

From this location you will see the little bugger under ‘Apps you use’ next to what you intend to remove, click on the little pen or pencil (whatever it is) and then you can select the option to entirely remove the app.

The other type that is floating around will be viewable in your Activities and Interests and you can get rid of it by doing the following. Go to your profile and then click on “Info” under your profile picture, head down you’re your Activities and interests and click the edit button on the top right of the applet. Once you have done that you get re-directed to the edit part and you need to click on Show other Pages.

As soon as you do that you are greeted with a list of pages that you like, now you can simply scroll through and remove any page you no longer wish to be seen in that list.

What other scams have you seen floating around Facebook? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I’ve got a posting now with the same words “Haha nice job buddy.. father of the year.” and a clip, that only my friends are able to see. As I do not see this scam I cannot push the “X” button and there is nothing left in my interests or applications I may delete. :( Only my family and friends can read something about “orgasm in rollercoaster”… WAAAAAHHH….HELP PLS!! :(((

    • Tim Ollason

      follow the instructions on the post and it should help get rid of it. The other thing you can do is hit the “X” in the upper right hand corner of the post on your FB wall and then select “Report Post / Scam” from the drop down. That will get rid of it. :) Hope this helps

  • Abdeladim Haibi


  • Sdfsdf

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  • Keree1964

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  • Mary

    I got one today posted to my page saying I have used the HCB diet and lost 23 pounds in a month and then the first comment under it says its from me too and that a friend like 20 pounds also and they should try it!