Google Me Social Network Release: Could Be in May at I/O

For some time now we have been reporting to you on Google’s plans to head down the social networking route with rumors about ‘Google Me’ being under construction. “Google Me” is Google’s answer to Facebook and we have also spoken of the rivalries between these two giants. Now we hear of speculation regarding the launch of ‘Google Me’ in May.

We first heard of Google’s plans to venture into a social product last year and Martin Bryant over on The Next Web reports that ‘Google Me’ could be released at this year’s Google I/O developers’ conference which takes place on May 10 and 11. There has been a move to socializing Google products over the last few months, such as place reviews in Google Maps and search results developing a social aspect and the general trend of the company is seen to be heading increasingly in a social direction.

In recent years Google has often launched a major product at the I/O developers’ conference and so it makes sense that ‘Google Me’ is what we could be seeing announced this year, although by the time it’s official it could of course be called something completely different. Google would make no comment when asked about the possibility of an appearance of ‘Google Me’ at the conference.

What are your thoughts on Google’s plans to move into a social service and do you think ‘Google Me’ could make any impact at all on social networking giants such as Twitter and Facebook? Let us know with your comments.

  • David Knowles

    It alreadying being launch.

    Google me is not going to be a single product.

    But if you want a little at a small part of it, have a look at the new profile design.

    Or parts of it such as the maps and other google services will be linked into this.

    Expect other google products to start to loose these profiles over the next couple of months and switch to google profile.

    I doubt google will make any single big announcements about these changes.

    An nothing in there I/O time table so far hints at a suggestion of a big product launch. In fact I expect it to be dominated with Chrome OS, Android OS and may be a prototype of the two OS combined.