BreakingNews For Blackberry Enters Open Beta

Here at OSM we like to keep you up to date with all the latest apps whether they be for Android, IOS or WP7, our latest offering to you is an app for Blackberry users called BreakingNews which has just entered open Beta and is Available to download now.

This latest app is sure to help anyone out who likes to keep on top of all their current Twitter feeds as well as all the current top breaking news, using RSS feeds this app is as simple as they come, simply enter your required RSS feed and sit back while all your news is pushed directly to the display of your handset.

This app has already been tried out by Adam Zeis from over at who says “this is already a winner in my book”, you can read more on what he makes of this new application by following this link over to his post here.

Created by Shao128 who is one of the sites forum moderators this app will allow many configurable options such as , 5 user customizable RSS feeds, ticker location speed, the use of Wi-Fi automatically if available, text colour and size, ticker border colour and a battery safe option that stops your battery from draining.

To try this out and read more on the features follow this link over to his forum here, as this app is still in Beta there will still be some issues with it. Shao says that if you give constructive feedback, when this app becomes released you will receive a free copy.

Will you be trying this app out? If so let us know how you got on.

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