Apple iPad 2 Online Orders: Already 2 – 3 week shipping delay

We’ve been attempting to keep all of our readers at OSM informed with details regarding the iPad 2 release today in the U.S. Yesterday we posted an article about online orders for the iPad 2 being taken at the Apple Store from 1am PT today, but there’s bad news for some as it seems the expected shipping time for such orders is a 2 to 3 week wait already.

We’d already given you a buying guide for the iPad 2 with all the information about where and how to buy your new tablet, a review roundup, and then yesterday gave more information about how Best Buy would be selling the iPad 2 from launch day today. Much of the advice from various sites was to order online if you wanted a particular model or color as you’d have more chance of getting exactly the version that you wanted and shipping was due to be extremely quick, in only 2 or 3 days.

However we’ve been checking the online order page at Apple and as of Friday morning the waiting time is now between 2 and 3 weeks instead, for whichever model, color or carrier version that you want (except for the black 64GB iPad 2 on Verizon which is shown as 1 to 2 weeks for shipping). Given that there is already such a long wait for online orders you may want to chance your luck at retail stores instead today, with sales of the iPad 2 commencing at 5pm local times. iPad 2 sales will be limited to two units per customer. Going back to online orders if you still wish to order online, the sooner the better, as if sales continue like this you could be looking at a wait even longer than 2 to 3 weeks if you delay ordering.

We amassed many of our articles about the iPad 2 into one information roundup and also earlier today reported how there are predictions of iPad 2 sales of around 600,000 over this weekend alone. If you still want to try your hand at ordering online, to view the iPad 2 product pages head to here, or for the online order page head to this Apple Store page here.

Have you already ordered online and were you one of the lucky ones who got your order in early? Maybe you’ve been trying to order your iPad 2 online without success? We’d be interested to hear from you about this so please do send us your comments

  • Angel Ito

    I ordered at 5:30 AM…got a 5-7 business days. Noticed it was the wrong model. went back…BAMMM…2-3 weeks. now it says Ships: April 1

  • Alex

    I woke up at 4:07 EST, got online, at first it still appeared as “Coming Soon”, but around 4:20 it let me buy it with a 3-5 day delivery time. I guess it was worth waking up that early. Unfortunately,these great event is being shadowed by the terrible tragedy that struck Japan just minutes before the iPad 2 was made available.

  • Brandon

    Bought with a 3-5 day delivery time, at around 4:00 last night, then received the order confirmation with a 2-3 week shipping window. Weak.

  • Moe

    placed an order for 2 ipads… got "page confirmation for 2-3 days delivery" then.. BAAAM my order got cancelled 4 hours later!!!!! WTF!

  • Peter J

    Ordered mine quite early.. My order still says 3 to 5 days shipping also my smart cover has already been shipped.. Delivery estimate is between the 18th and 25th of march.

  • Peter J

    Received an email a little while ago that it's now been shipped… Will be with before the 18th.
    I'm very happy :-)

  • Sharon

    Went to Micro Center at 6:15, all sold out. Was given a $50 off voucher and a $25 deposit to guarantee to receive a unit on the next days shipment. Still waiting, however the voucher is being honored.