Apple iPad 2 Lines: Slot sells for $900 – Anticipation Builds

We’ve been following news of the iPad 2 release today from our buyer’s guide to our news earlier today that online orders already have shipping delays of 2 to 3 weeks. We also advised that AT&T stores may not have all models available for sale today, and that some Verizon stores have no stock, while others will have all models. Now we have some news on the inevitable lines on release day for a major Apple product.

At many Apple Stores there are the usual lines and some of them are substantial, according to John Brownlee over on Cult of Mac. In some places, people have been in line for many hours, from 4am in Indianapolis for example, for the 5pm release time. There are big lines for New York’s Apple Store as we’ve come to expect but apparently at many third party retailers, such as Best Buy and Walmart, there is very little evidence of lines at all, although some line areas are clearly marked out.

We also hear that one college student, Amanda Foote, has made the most of her first slot in line at the Apple Store in New York. After 41 hours of waiting, from 5pm on Wednesday until 9am today, she actually managed to sell her place for $900, according to Sarah Kessler on Mashable. Now that’s what I call enterprising! There are also other examples of people being paid to stand in line so that others don’t have to, although many are there because they enjoy the whole experience and hype of release day at Apple stores, and of course want to get their hands on a shiny new Apple iPad 2. It was even reported that some people in line had flow in to get the latest must-have device, from as far away as Brazil and Belgium.

Something else that has caught our attention is an article over on GottaBeMobile by Josh Smith who has looked at the line at the Easton Apple store. The line for this store is outside and exposed to the very cold elements at present and yet some hardy souls have still been in line since 11am this morning. A video shows some of the people being asked why they chose to brave the weather to line up for the iPad 2.

You might also interested in our review roundup article and also our iPad 2 information roundup. You may be in line right now and if so let us know of your experience, or maybe you prefer to order online at home, even though you face a longer wait than first expected for your iPad 2? Let us know with your comments.