Angry Birds Seasons: St.Patrick’s Day Edition Available

Attention all Angry Birds Fans! Remember earlier this week when we brought you the video preview of the St.Patrick’s Day version of Angry Birds well you will be pleased to know that the new Seasons version is now available to you to download.

This follows the reports that we brought you of being able to play Angry Birds on Facebook and through an IntelApp. This will undoubtedly push the Android Angry Birds downloads up even further than the 30 million that it already has which is great news for Rovio. As always it’s a free update so look out for it.

The update will bring you 15 extra levels of fun along with two new golden eggs. Not only that but you will get lots of clovers, big green hats and little pots of gold everywhere! The levels have been dubbed as “Go Green, Get Lucky”. Check out the article over over at Phandroid for a bit further information.

This will more than likely be as popular as the previous updates such as the Valentine’s Day and Halloween editions so get ready guys and girls for more bird slinging fun.

Have you downloaded the new Angry Birds Seasons St.Patrick’s Day Edition? What do you think of the new levels? Let us know in the comments section below.