11.5-Foot Alligator Killed: Man Boasts On Facebook Status

Facebook has become a great place for advertisers along with sports and brands. We are also seeing companies such as Warner Brothers and Sony moving towards some kind of movie rental scheme using Facebook as the platform.

Facebook is fast changing and with all the different apps that are currently available along with all the ones that are being developed. Some of the apps we have seen in recent times include the ‘If I Die’ app and we also reported on how Badoo has been the fastest growing app this week. Well now we have some different news, it’s about how a man boasted on his Facebook status about how he shot and killed an 11.5 foot long Alligator.

The story was found over on allfacebook.com’s Gregory Pleshaw where they are reporting that the story goes to show how law enforcement are using social networking to regularly find leads. This is how incident was found. Something the shooter may not realize or perhaps forgot that it’s actually illegal to shoot gators in the part of the state Bastrop, Texas.

One of the Texas Park and Wildlife Game Wardens named Fred Ensinger told Fox News that the animal’s size was an ‘anomaly’ as it’s almost twice the size of the gators that usually prowl the Gulf Coast.

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