1 In 5 Are Using Facebook For Medical Decisions

When it comes to Facebook, we are wondering how much you rely on it? It has a lot of functions that it can be used for such as leaving a message when you pass over; the app is called ‘If I Die’. Now we are hearing that 1 in 5 Facebook users are using the social network for making medical decisions.

There was a survey carried out in the U.S. of almost 23,000 according to the National Research Corporation and they are saying that two out of every five consult Facebook fir health care information.

Of the people surveyed 94.1% are using Facebook and 32% check out the content on YouTube. Other social networks are in use for this too, Twitter is used by 17.9%, surprisingly 17.7% check out MySpace and 2.4% are seeking the information using Foursquare. This goes to show that the whole world is literally striding towards Facebook and other sources of social media and social networking.

One of the reasons that health care hasn’t made the jump as yet is mainly down to security and some doctors are a little apprehensive on it. Surely there’s some encouragement that can be drawn from the success stories that make their way into the news, such as the young boy who a doctor recognized the symptoms of Leukemia and reported them.

Other stats from the study that we mentioned above as reported by Jackie Cohen of allfacebook.com include a measure of their trust in the advice too. They were asked to rate their trust on a scale of one to five and there was a high percentage that rated it between three and five, 77.3% to be exact.

Do you think the findings of large surveys like this should push health services towards social media and social networking? Do you use the health topics on Facebook? Let us know in the comments section below.