Twitter & Comic Relief Celebrities “Follow” Twitrelief

This year’s charity event “Comic Relief Red Nose Day 2011” is set to take place on the 18th March. Many people across the country will be getting involved be it, sitting in a bath of beans, dressing up, sponsored head shave and so on. But this time around, celebrities have joined forces with networking site Twitter to raise money through “Twitrelief.” What is this you may be wondering?

The fund raising idea allows users to bid on a certain celebrity. As reported, the person that bids the highest amount, will win, be followed on Twitter by that celeb with the money raised going straight to one of Comic Relief’s worthy causes. This will take place from the 10 March right through to the 20 March.

As well as this, for every celeb that takes part, they will add an extra price of a “lifetime extra.” This basically means that they will be up for “something else” in the name of those pennies, for example, pocketlint commented on Ruby Wax getting botox with an audience or Gabby Logan playing golf with rugby playing hubby Kenny.

Many famous names have decided to take part such as Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, Davina McCall, Miranda Hart, JLS and so on. One of the Twitrelief organisers Emma Kennedy said, “Within days we had over a hundred celebrities on board, in fact everyone was asked except for two.”

As the days go by, you will see more celebrities joining in with the hope that they will be bid on. Auctions can be seen on eBay with links from celebrities to their Twitter pages.

Before we go we just wanted to tell you about yesterday’s Comic Relief news, where a dedicated iOS app can be downloaded for free, giving you up to date information, including the line up for the event, money raised and so on. Click here for more details.

Tell us how you are getting involved? Will you be bidding on a celebrity in the name of charity, and if so who? Let us know