Sony To launch Camera With 3G Capabilities

With the likes of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9v and the DSC-HX100v it’s pretty fair to say that Sony are somewhat of a master when it comes to digital cameras, it now appears that they’re looking to push the boundaries once more and are looking at launching a new camera with 3G capabilities.

This new technology will allow users to take photos and upload the pictures to sites like Facebook and Flickr without the use of a computer and Wi-Fi network, pretty much the same as what can be found on nearly every Smartphone on the market.

This news came to us via this article from, where the author Peter says that he has a couple of sources within Sony who tell him that a device like this is currently being worked on. It is thought that if this device was to be released, then the user would have to subscribe to a mobile data plan similar to what’s already available with other gadgets like the iPad.

Although other cameras are on the market that other similar sort of features through the use of built in Wi-Fi or Eye-Fi card, this device could soon take these over as there is no need to hunt to find an available connection to upload, just simply snap and upload.

We don’t mean to be shower on this parade but we can’t help being somewhat sceptical about this, if anyone has ever tried uploading a number of photos through the use of say a 3G Mobile Broadband Dongle, then you will surely share our optimism as this can be incredibly slow. Even if you’re in an area with full 3G coverage trying to upload an album of 20 photos can take what feels like a lifetime.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel the same as us?

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