Sony Contemplate Facebook Movies

Remember the recent announcement by Warner Bros. they said that they will be allowing the rental of their movies through Facebook? Well it seems that they weren’t the only ones with plans for the giant of social networking.

We recently read a report over on by their author Jackie Cohen is reported that Sony has publicly said that they are planning to do something pretty similar. Until this revelation came to light most people were expecting Netflix to follow suit and join the party on Facebook.

That is until this revelation came about. It was said at the Digital Hollywood 2011 Media Summit in New York where John Calkins an executive Vice President if global digital and commercial innovation from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. He was asked whether Sony would be following suit on the new trend set by Warner Bros to which he replied with the following response…

“We’re looking at things like that…. Our view is that Facebook certainly is a very viable pool, large pool for access for people that are interested in media content… I think it’s a great first step to begin what eventually turns into more social distribution of titles to people that maybe weren’t already fans… So, it’s both marketing and distribution.. Why are we running theatrical trailers without “buy” buttons? I think at some point that starts to happen… What we are really most excited about Facebook for is that resurfacing of a title, maybe recent or old, when our marketing budget has subsided, but now we can turn it over to consumers and in effect use their marketing budget… A few weeks into DVD, we really don’t talk about the title anymore. … If you can have fans do that through something like Facebook, it’s incredibly powerful. So, we like the idea. I think it’s just very early days.”

We were wondering if they would not only add films but perhaps some kind of music service too. What do you think Sony will do? Let us know in the comments section below.