Pwn2Own: IE8 & Safari Hammer Timed – Chrome OK For Now

When it comes to hacking there’s all sorts going on out there! As you are probably aware ‘Geohot’ is one person that is currently suffering at the hands of Sony after uncovering the holy grail of the PS3. We have already informed you of some of the details of the Pwn2Own browser contest but let’s just have a recap.

The contest started 5 years ago and this year there was a prize for anyone or any team could hack Google Chrome. That prize was a cash sum of $20k, the largest prize that there has been in the contests history. Let’s just say that at this year’s contest IE & Safari got ‘Hammer Timed’ and Chrome is ok… for now. We’ll explain more below.

Safari was the first to be hacked at the event as Engadget’s Tim Stevens reports it took just 5 SECONDS. The team from France ‘Vupen’ walked out with a $15,000 prize and a new MacBook Air following the exploitation of Safari.

IE8 was also beaten by its first opponent, whose name is Stephen Fewer. He is the founder of Harmony Security and as’s author Gregg Keizer says in his article often reports bugs to ZDI.

Google Chrome on the other hand stands strong, there were two parties that had signed up to take it on but both backed down, one of them didn’t even turn up where as the other decided to focus its efforts on other things. Read the full report on this link.

What do you think of the use of hacking at events like this and in general? Do you agree with it in any shape or form? Let us know in the comments section below.