NEC Projectors: M300XS & M300WS Price & Release Date

We at OSM are starting to report more on different technologies and devices such as cameras DSLRs and projectors. Some of the ones that interested us recently were from InFocus with HD & 3D capabilities and one from Pico, which is the smallest projector in the world.

We recently saw a report over on Slashgear about a couple of new ones from NEC; they are the M300XS and the M300WS. They are both short throw projectors and have quite a few features in common.

Both have 3000 lumens of light that output a distance of 1.8 to 3.6 feet from the surface, they both have lamps that last up to 5000 hours as well as both having dual computer inputs, a 10W speaker, USB ports and HDMI ports. They also have a virtual remote that comes with it allowing you to control the devices from your computer.

As per the press release, pretty much the only differences between the two models is the resolution, the M300XS gets XGA and the M300WS has WXGA. They are shipping now and they are priced at $999 for the WS model and $1,099 for the XS.

What do you think of these projectors? What projector are you using currently? Let us know in the comments below.