Kinect Sensors & Games: Sales Surpass 10 Million

When it comes to the Kinect many people have been viewing it as a revolutionary gaming device that is innovative and cool. We have recently seen a few hacks coming through with it working with Apple products and we are expecting to see more since the SDK has been released.

Microsoft has come to rely on their games console the Xbox 360 in recent times, especially back in Q2 when it lead the way as Windows sales fell. Now we wanted to let you know just how popular the device really is. Over at Slashgear, their author Rue Liu is reporting on how the Microsoft Kinect sold 8 million units during its first 60 days of being released.

That being the case it makes the Kinect the fastest selling consumer electronics device ahead of all others including Apple surprisingly. This comes just in time for the Guinness World Records Gaming Edition which will be featuring special sections on the Kinect.

Over at PRNews, their author Chris Maugham has also written an article about the sales, he mentions that they have now not only exceeded 10 million sensors but also over 10 million standalone Kinect games.

Are you surprised at the success of the Microsoft Kinect or did you expect it? Let us know in the comments section below.