HTC ThunderBolt Saga: Android Market App Appears and more

The HTC ThunderBolt release saga just goes on and on and the latest in the ongoing story is that a promotional app has been released for the ThunderBolt today on the Android Market. This seems to be yet another sign the new 4G phone is actually due to arrive but there has been so much confusion about this that to be honest, everything at the moment should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The ongoing release delays have frustrated many consumers eager to get their hands on the ThunderBolt and there were so many conflicting reports and rumors of various release dates that we posted a release delay roundup so that you could catch up with the saga. After that the speculated release date looked as though it could be March 16 to avoid a clash with the iPad 2 release tomorrow, but the date was never confirmed. Then earlier today we published an article about yet more confusion as a Verizon flyer with the Thunderbolt on in it clearly says “now available. Meanwhile Verizon CTO, Tony Melon when questioned on why there were no 4G phones yet released on its LTE network, said that the carrier was still on target for LTE phones in the first half of the year, which implied it may be as late as June before we saw a ThunderBolt release.

Although a release date has never been confirmed by HTC or Verizon, there have been so many leaks and teaser adverts that some have felt they were being taken for a ride and when Melon spoke about a release still set for before the second half of the year many took that to mean it would be later rather than sooner. However we now hear that maybe that was misleading too. The free promotional app for the ThunderBolt being released on the Android Market has led some to think we may not be in for such a long wait after all. Unwired View reports that the HTC ThunderBolt application is meant “solely for use within Verizon stores as a promotional tool,” but goes on to say that it is available for anybody using the Android Market to download as you can see here.

Anya Vinclauv over on Gather also speculates on the HTC ThunderBolt and reports on new release date rumors of March 24 or earlier and also notes that there has been an update on the HTC ThunderBolt page which now shows a 360 degree look at the handset when previously after the first delays, this had been deactivated. Maybe this really does mean it’s on its way soon after all? Frankly to be honest we can’t even pretend to know any more than the rest of you but we can sure we’ll tell you as soon as we hear more. Are you waiting for the HTC ThunderBolt? Let us know with your comments.

  • Rich

    Has anyone noticed that there is no mention of Skype anymore? They removed the Skype advertisement from Verizon's 4G page, the Best Buy Thunderbolt demo, and the HTC website…