Facebook & LinkedIn: Percentage Are Friends On Both

We already know how popular Facebook is with its 500 million users, we also know that LinkedIn is quickly growing in popularity. There is also a report that we added that talks about the value of Facebook compared to the value of LinkedIn and whilst Facebook is more valuable in terms of money, LinkedIn has a different kind.

With LinkedIn constantly being compared to social networks we had been wondering for a while just how many people’s friends are on both Facebook and LinkedIn. You would think that people who realize the potential of one social network would use others too. This is when we found an article over on allfacebook.com by Meredith Singer; she says that there’s an average of 23% of LinkedIn contacts that are also Facebook friends.

You can understand why this is though, depending on what social networks you had first when you start a job comes into play here. The majority of my connections on LinkedIn are friends on Facebook too purely because these are people that were well known to me as strong relationships build with your work colleagues. Check out the article over on pitchengine.com where they explain more about the ins and outs of the research.

What would you say the friend ratio is for you when comparing LinkedIn to Facebook? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • http://twitter.com/jasonfoxwa @jasonfoxwa

    I am a big Linkedin advocate, but still probably only have a 30% Linkedin and Facebook friend ratio. The biggest reason for me is that when I started Facebook I went out of my way to find old friends and family, with Linkedin I started by finding colleagues and business partners. There seems to be a seperation of Facebook – Social and Linkedin – Business. As that line gets blurred more and more I think the ratios will increase.