Apple iPad 2: Guided Walk Around With Video Demos

For many of you, the wait is nearly over, Apple’s iPad 2 is nearly here. From 5.00 pm local time throughout retail stores such as Apple, Verizon Wireless, Best Buy, Walmart, AT&T and Target the thinner lighter newly designed tablet can be yours. If braving the queues is not for you, then you can benefit from going online at Apple’s store at 1 am PT to purchase yours with the possibility of receiving it by Monday or Tuesday of next week.

No doubt many of you had already made your minds up to get a next generation iPad even before its official announcement, but there will be a percentage of you that may still not be convinced. To help you make up your mind, Apple according to Mashable have just released 14 Guided Tour videos showing the device with apps in all its glory.

On viewing the clips, you will see the iconic Apple logo at the beginning of each video, and as Engadget stated, you will have the opportunity to see FaceTime, iMovie and Garageband which are included features this time around.

Since the tail end of 2010, Apple’s new device has been a much talked about topic of conversation on the internet as well as a possible iPhone 5 which is due in the summer. For months we speculated on what the design would look like, specifications, price, accessories and official release date. We have given you news with helpful tips on tomorrow’s launch, prices sourced from AllThingsD as well as a review roundup from Debbie here at OSM.

Click here to view the videos and give us your thoughts on them? It only leaves us to ask the all important question as to whether you will be purchasing an iPad 2 and how, in-store and online?