Zite Free iPad Magazine App: Outways Current FlipBoard

For many of you currently using Apple’s iPad tablet, will be aware of its free Flipboard app, which coincidentally was named iPad app of 2010 by Steve Jobs. Ok so it may offer features such as turning your social networking site feeds into flippable pages using your photos or pieces of recent news, but what if we told you of a new contender app that’s just been announced, that of Zite.

In a recent survey carried out by the Reynolds Journalism Institute, a staggering 88% of iPad consumers use their tablet for finding out current news and goings on, and with the launch of the next generation iPad on Friday 11th March, the world of aggregation apps is a lucrative market. Also as usatoday.com stated, three-fourths of users spend up to 30 minutes a day catching up with current news.

The app which again will cost you absolutely nothing, picks up on the stories you are reading and your interests on your tablet device and creates a magazine unique to your needs. Along with this, to help it in its quest to bring you the best possible service, Zite gathers information from say your Twitter or Google Reader account, designs your magazine feed, then gives you the option of giving it a thumbs up or down with the aid of purposefully built in icons and a button if you want to find out more information on a chosen subject.

As Mashable stated, it can be compared to that of Amazon or Netflix when your’e given listings of products or films that are significant to your tastes.

In a lengthy statement from Zite Founder and CEO “Ali Devar” he said, “What’s broken is there’s so much stuff out there, and I don’t know how to get it. There’s no automatic system that’s catching the important stuff I miss every day. Search doesn’t solve it. Social doesn’t solve it. A lot of Zite beta testers came back to us and said, ‘Thank goodness, here’s something that gives me my content and more, but filters it for me.’ People are feeling the pain, and they need it resolved. You should be able to notice right away that Zite is giving you stories that are meaningful to you.”

Are you a Flipboard user? What are your thoughts on a new magazine style app? Will you be interested in Zite?