Sprint Given A Lesson In Social Media By Kids

When it comes to social media one company you probably wouldn’t put into the category of lacking knowledge is Sprint. We have all seen the way that different brands and sports have been moving towards social media and social networking and perhaps Sprint are gearing up to give it more focus too.

Over at the NYTimes their author Conrad Egusa has added an article that talks about how Sprint has been given a lesson in social media by a group of kids. Apparently the cellular giant gave a marketing class 10 smartphones with unlimited wireless access, in return Sprint wanted to get some free marketing work from for the 4G network from the students who were able to show Sprint in a hands-on fashion how social media is being used.

This is quite an interesting approach because most companies will look at market research and target audiences but Sprint have gone in and actually mingled with the very people who may actually use one of their devices.

The report goes on to mention another article on the Wall Street Journal is being examined by groups of students and started to generate buzz around FoxSportsArizona.com as businesses strive to try and find any edge they possibly can in the world of social media.

Have you heard of any other companies using methods like this? What do you think of Sprint’s approach to social media research? Let us know in the comments section below.