Philips FloatingCushion Headphones: Offer Ultra Comfort

When it comes to a new set of headphones what do you look for? We look for a decent sound of course and perhaps more importantly if you use them a lot comfort. You wouldn’t want the best sounding headphones around if they were a pig to wear would you?

Well that’s one of the things that Philips is going for with the new FloatingCushion headphones, they offer ultra comfort. Engadget’s Richard Wong has compiled a report on the device where he mentions that essentially what Philips have done is added memory foam that seals around your ear for comfort and to reduce any audio loss.

Not only that but they are made of aluminum so that they are extremely lightweight and they also fold flat for easy storage and transportation. There will be six models available with one that is Bluetooth enabled (SHB9100) being amongst them.

As things stand there’s not been a peep about prices or release dates but as soon as we know more then we will let you know. Head on over to the Philips product page and have a look at their gallery of images of the new cans. These bad boys will be in direct competition with a whole heap of other products including 50 Cent’s new ‘Sleek’ range that was displayed back at CES.

What do you think of them? Will they be your choice for your next set of headphones? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.