More Hints At Samsung’s 8.9 Slim Tablet PC

Cast your mind back to when the iPad revolutionized the dead tablet PC market and then dominated it, there was still a little bit of room for a few other tablets to do well at the same time. One of them was the original 7” Samsung Galaxy Tab. Its success prompted thoughts of a smaller iPad but this has never come.

We have also seen more details of Sammy’s 10.1” beast although we are thinking that it may be a little too expensive as OSM’s Maddy Rowe explains in her article. We have also heard a bit about the 8.9” model where we were wondering if this would be a big contender this year. Now we have seen a few more hints at Samsung’s 8.9 tablet being a pretty slim tablet PC.

Engadget’s Richard Lai is reporting on something he has seen on the Samsung Facebook page and it’s a picture of what looks to be their new device. Interestingly if you look at the picture there looks to be a headphone jack and the tablet PC doesn’t look to be much thicker than that port.

If it is that thin then it could be a contender with the iPad 2 which is just 8.8mm thick! They also have a note on the Facebook picture that says about the ‘UNPACKED’ event on March 22nd so mark your calendars guys and gals this could be set to be a big event on Orlando Florida.

What do you think of the hype the device has been receiving recently? Will you wait to see what this device is like or are you just going to get an iPad 2? Let us know in the comments section below.