Facebook: Find Out Who Defriends You With An App

When it comes to Facebook we are spending more and more time on the social network organizing our profiles, responding to messages and chatting with our friends. Some of us are managing large networks of friends but would you ever want to know if any of them have ‘defriended’ you?

Well there’s now an app that will tell you via email alert that someone has in fact done the deed and pulled the trigger on your link with each other’s profiles. Over at allfacebook.com, their author Meredith Singer reports that she herself keeps an eye on her friend count.

When you install the app it will ask you for a few of your basic details such as your email address and access to your information on Facebook which of course it needs to function. Once you have finished adding your detector as soon as someone defriends you then you will receive your mail.

Why does this matter? Well if you are maintaining quite a few friends on the social network and one of your closest friends gets shot of you then you would probably want to know about it and why. On the other hand if your friend’s, cousin’s, uncle’s dog’s profile gets rid of you then it probably wasn’t worth the connection. What we are wondering is will it pick up when Facebook glitches, for example there have been a few occasions where friends have dropped off our lists and then we have had to add them again with the other party claiming no knowledge of it (my sister being one of them).

What do you think of the app? Would you want to know if you have been defriended? Let us know in the comment section below.

UPDATE: This app has now been disabled