Sony Cyber-Shot: DSC-HX9v Review With Test Photos

We at OSM like to keep you up to date with all the latest new cameras and recently we have posted on the Olympus SZ-30MR, Nikon Coolpix L120 and the Olympus XZ-1. Now we want to bring you a review on Sony’s latest Cyber-Shot camera the DSC-HX9v, and show you what kind of images this device is capable of with an array of test photos.

Recently Debbie Turner posted about this cameras price and specs, for those of you that missed it here is a quick recap. This 16.2MP device is one of the company’s first compact digital cameras to house a 24mm Sony G lens with 16x optical zoom, along with this it has some other great specs like full HD 1920×1080/60p video recording, built in GPS, Sweep Panorama mode and Dual recording function. You can read more on the specs and price in Debbie’s post here.

On paper this device looks amazing but we wanted to see how it handled, the guys over at Cnet managed to get their hands on one and have taken time to give it a review. The key features for these guys appear to be the compact design which makes the device very comfortable to handle, and the 16xoptical zoom which offers great image stability when taking pictures of far away objects. They found the downside of this device could potentially be the price, check out their post here to see if you agree with them.

The biggest selling point of any camera is going to be what kind of images it’s capable of producing, the guys from over at managed to get their hands on a pre-production camera and spent the day shooting some pictures with it. You can see a couple of these images below, if you want to see more follow the link over to their post here.

Bearing in mind this camera used to take these pictures was a pre-production one we think it did a really good job, just imagine what the pictures would be like once the device is officially released.

What are your thoughts on this? Will you buy one of these cameras?

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  • simon1a

    I have a Canon 5D MkII, a 7D, a 30 IS, and also had a Lumix TZ20 for a few days… This camera whopped the Lumix in every way, comes close to the picture quality of the 30 IS, can't compete with the SLRs but because of its size and background blur feature it gets used a lot… I saw a bad review of this, mainly focusing on its controls, what a load of rubbish that review was… I use it manual mode and it's fine… I really recommend this camera a lot…

  • suttonsony

    The chap in the shop was happy to let me take a few snaps and a video using my memory stick. When I downloaded them I was amazed, the images are pin sharp and even at 16x zoom the image is really good, the image stabiliser is exceptional. The HD video is way better than my old Sony DV camera and that was not on the best setting. Went back and bought one, local shop price was better than interweb price. Having used it for about 5 days now I am even more impressed, I have taken identical photo's with my old Sony W170 and zoomed into small areas using Photoshop and printed them, there is no comparison, much more detail, better colours and I have always been very impressed with the W170. I would say get one, you will not be disappointed.

    You have to charge the battery in the camera but the battery is identical to many earlier Sony's thus I am able to use the old W170 charger and avoid the problem. The flash is in a daft spot, exactly where your left hand hold the camera. To stop it trying to pop up I have just switched it off, if I need it I will switch it on and move my finger, simples, problem solved.