Sony Alpha DSLR: Transparent Casing

We have recently been reporting on a few different cameras and DSLRs including doing a comparison between the Canon T2i and the T3i looking at the differences between the two. Now we are going to have a look at the Sony Alpha DSLR in its transparent casing.

Over at Engadget their author Christopher Trout says that Sony had already announced their plans to bring the translucent mirror into the A77. They mention that the device is possibly going to be released late on in 2011 and that the chances are that it won’t come with the cool transparent case; what a shame!

Over at Pocket-lint, Stuart Miles also mentions that the yet-to-be-released device is a midrange camera that Sony have said that the camera is unlikely to come with the see-through case we are all still hoping.

Andreas Georghiades who is the UK Digital Marketing Manager for Sony UK has told Pocket-lint that they just wanted to prove that they could do it and that they just had a quick fondle with a new chassis. Anyway the Alpha-branded camera uses Sony’s translucent mirror technology that was seen in a couple of Sony ranges before.

We still have no news of release date or price but as soon as we hear more about it we will let you know. In the mean time head over to Pocket-lint and check out all of the pictures of it in the concept case.

Is it a shame that we perhaps won’t be seeing this device in the concept case? Would you want a transparent version of it? Let us know in the comments section below.