Philips Fidelio AirPlay SoundSphere Speakers: Price & May Release

Home Entertainment systems have come a long way in the last 15 or so years. Gone are the massive Hi-Fi systems, brimming with huge speakers and stickers all over them promoting ‘Super Bass’ or ‘4 band graphic equalizers.’

We now have discreet but still highly powerful docking systems, allowing you to transport a virtual record shop of albums from your Apple device. As Slash Gear reports, electronic giants Philips have something new to shout about with their latest range of music entertainment systems.

Three additions have been introduced into their range including an AirPlay capable wireless speaker system. Philips Fidelio SoundSphere packs a pair of egg shaped pods with drivers built into the main units and free floating tweeters hoovering above. According to Engadget this allows a full 360-degree sound. Added bonus comes from the Fidelio’s ability to play tracks direct from your iPod/iPhone without the need to plug it in or dock it. Apple’s AirPlay system enables music transfer whilst still holding your device.

Also in the range comes the Philips Harmony Component Hi-Fi, which integrates with the 8000 Series DVD range to add its iPhone/iPod dock support. Whilst there is no WiFi compatibility there is the Class-D digital amp with 2 x 80W RMS output.

Lastly Philips brings us the WiFi Multi room Hi-Fi, which as the title suggests has wireless support and hard-drive digital track accessibility through a USB. This system gains an LCD touchscreen with multi-color options or you can choose to control via iOS/Android remote app selection.

At the moment the only system that has an official price and release date is the Fidelio, which will be available sometime in May at a price of $1,115. Check out Slash Gear for the full press release and tell us which system would fit into your life?