Join Me On The Bridge Campaign Through Google Doodle

Search engine Google has become synonymous with Doodles celebrating a special time on the yearly calendar, be it an individual’s birthday/anniversary or a specific date such as Valentines Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and so on. Recent Google Doodles which we have brought you news on have included St David’s Day, light bulb inventor Thomas Edison, Father of Sci-Fi Jules Verne and so on.

Today the Doodle celebrates the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day coupled with an event that is scheduled to take place called “Join me on the Bridge” campaign. On appearance the Doodle shows a background of varying colors with images of women as graduates and doctors showing the “gle” in the name.

The event which was initially organized and set up back in February by Google and Women for Women International, will see many people, both sexes descend on over 300 bridges in no more than 50 countries to remember women’s achievements over the last decade. Significant bridges include that of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, London’s Millennium Bridge and the famous Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.

If you want to keep tabs on today’s events on one of the many bridges, the search engine have kindly put together a map with red pins indicating which events are running, giving you the chance to join in with an event near to you. Included in the map as reported is the chance to donate by way of links. The campaign can be compared to that of an umbrella with plenty of organisations underneath it such as issues surrounding health, education, work and so on.

In response to the Google Doodle and its meaning Google said, “ Women perform two-thirds of the world’s work and produce half of the world’s food but earn 10 percent of the income and own 1 percent of the property. They carried on by saying that the Doodle aimed on “Shining a spotlight on these issues that affect women in developing countries and around the world.”

Tell us are you taking part? On the subject of Doodles, have you got a favorite?