JBL On Air Wireless Speaker Dock: Added To AirPlay List

One of the features that got added to the iOS in the 4.2 update is AirPlay; this is a wireless connection to a device in your home using an Apple device such as an iPhone or an iPad via your home network. Now we are hearing that there is a JBL speaker dock that has been added to the AirPlay list of devices.

This device has a particular feature that really caught our eye, just beneath the JBL logo there’s a small LCD screen and on that screen the dock shows you a few different things. It shows you the artist, album, song information and full color album artwork.

It also has a really cool design with the speaker going over the top of the base in a curve but the whole device seems pretty good in other ways too. It has a clock with dual alarms, a digital FM radio with RDS and 10 station presets and it even has a USB port so that you can easily update the firmware of it.

As Engadget’s Sam Sheffer says in his article, the device is not available yet and there isn’t any word of pricing yet but if you keep an eye on the JBL website and their Facebook page then you will see the updates there first.

What do you think of the device? When it becomes available will you be getting one? Let us know in the comments section below.