Facebook Ad Tricks Teens Trying To Fake Their Age

Facebook is the biggest social network on the Internet and as we reported earlier today, more and more youngsters are joining it. We reported that more than half the 12-year olds in the U.S. are Facebooking and with that being the case there are a few cunning things that Facebook ads are doing.

Over at allfacebook.com their author Jorge Cino is reporting that there is a new ad based Facebook campaign that is aiming to stop teenagers from gaining fake ID cards to buy booze and smokes with. The whole program is called Fake ID 101 and is being funded by the Kansas Department of Transportation.

The ad that is placed on Facebook offers fake IDs to teenagers and is for teens aged 16-20, it uses a picture of McLovin from Superbad and within the a couple of months more than 5,000 people have responded to the ad instead of getting a fake ID. They get directed to another website giving them practical information about substance and alcohol abuse.

It’s a clever ploy and we are wondering what else could be done in this way, surely there are other locations of lawbreaking that this tactic would fit into nicely. What do you think?

What examples can you give where this could be used other than kids trying to score a fake ID card? Let us know in the comments section below.