Egyptian Revolution: Book to Tell the Story Through Tweets

Here at OSM we’ve been following the recent unrest, uprisings and revolutions spreading across the Middle East and Africa and earlier today we told readers about an Al Jazeera Twitter Dashboard that has been set up to keep people up-to-date with events going on in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and Yemen. Today we have also heard of a book about Egypt’s revolution, to be compiled from tweets.

We’ve published many articles now about the revolution in Egypt and the part that social media played in it and recently told how one father had even named his baby girl Facebook, as a tribute to the social networking site. We also told how a film project was underway using Twitter and YouTube accounts to tell the story of the Egyptian protests and how the situation unfolded. The news of a book came to us from Sarah Kessler over on Mashable and it will be published by OR Books.

The 160-page book is due for release on April 21 and is entitled “Tweets from Tahrir.” It’s an adventurous project to re-create what happened in Egypt from tweets of up to 140 characters and also photos, and should be a great example of how social networking in times of unrest helped keep people in touch with what was going on. It remains to be seen whether the tweets will be able to capture the tension and emotion of the events as they developed but it certainly sounds like a brave attempt.

What are your thoughts on “Tweets from Tahrir?” Do you think we will see more and more films and books being created from social media coverage? Let us know with your comments please.