Adobe Flash Player 10.3 Beta Release: Privacy Enhancements

We have news today on Adobe Flash because it seems that the desktop beta of Adobe’s Flash Player version 10.3 is now available and the official release will soon be available for desktop and mobile operating systems.

The desktop beta testing is due for completion in Q2 and then there will also be a mobile release. The Flash Player 10.3 beta is available for Windows, Mac and Linux according to Apple Headlines. Some of the improvements are high-quality audio features such as acoustic echo cancellation, voice activity detection and noise suppression.

There are also improved video analytics, enhanced user privacy protection with browser settings for Firefox 4, IE8 and upwards while forthcoming releases will also cover Safari and Chrome. The native control panel means that Flash Player settings will be able to be accessed from the Windows Control Panel or Mac System Preferences and there will also be auto-update notification for Mac OS users. If you want to get the beta version of Flash 10.3 check out the Adobe Labs link here.

David Neal over on V3 tells more about this and adds that Adobe is also talking about a “workaround for running Flash on the Apple iOS called Wallaby, so head to the link for more details. What are your thoughts on Flash Player version 10.3 due for both desktop and mobile soon? Let us know with your comments.