3 New Bluetooth Headsets HM1610, HM3600 & MODUS 6450

There’s no doubt that Bluetooth headsets are useful in all sorts of situations, they were once seen as the solution to being on your mobile phone and driving although that is now not recommended. These days they are more geared around keeping your hands free so that you can talk and continue with whatever you are doing making them more in demand for our ever active lifestyles.

This brings us to 3 new Bluetooth headsets; they are the HM1610, the HM3600 and the Modus 6450 from Samsung that will be joining us later this year. These new devices look to keep the same ease of use with comfort and a high sound quality for its potential buyers.

Starting with the MODUS 6450, this has been manufactured for those of you that wish to have a noise-canceling headset that can also stream through stereo audio. This is the replacement device for the HM3500 and it has voice command features and Android application support as told by Slashgear’s Rue Liu.

Next up is the HM3600 which is designed for those of you running on a budget, this guy is supposedly ultra comfortable and has features such as automated volume adjustment, voice prompts and echo cancellation.

The last one is the HM1610 and has been given a slick design for those of you who use this more as a fashionable item however its features are a little more basic that the others we have mentioned. No mention of prices but we are sure these will come soon as they are expected to be released this year. If you would like to read through their full press release then click here.

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