ZAZOO Photo Clock Says Nite Nite To Bedtime Stories

Parents of the world will be familiar with the routine of the children’s bedtime story. The job of putting the children to bed can be a pleasant one however, sometimes you just wish they would go to sleep without the cries of “story please.”

In an attempt to banish the bedtime ritual Ubergizmo reported on a new idea from Zazoo. Their new product combines the practicalities of a digital clock with the functions of a digital photo frame and MP3 player, all controlled by a remote.

Using the 7-inch display screen the photo clock allows you to download your audiobooks as a replacement to your own dulcet tones. This can be visually accompanied by 2 pre-installed images to show night and day times for example as stated, a moon image will be associated with night time and the sun for daytime, or if wanted, other images can be uploaded.

Along with this as your child gets older, benefits of the new photo clock include a rotating frame, calendar, video player and as mentioned MP3 player using a
SD/MMC/xD/MS card slot, USB port and headphone jack.

The new product from Zazoo has been developed with girls and boys in mind and is available in 5 different styles for $89.00, click here for more details.

Are you one of the millions of parents that end up reading bedtime stories, do you think technology can replace the parental voice? Let us know your thoughts.