World Poopin Day Brings Social Media & Water Sanitation Issues Together

Social Media for many is associated with the use of social networking sites be it for individual use or companies promoting their products. In recent weeks we have reported on how its use is and can benefit many groups of people. Today news that grabbed our attention is that of “World Poopin Day,” OK so the name could have been a little different, but its what this and the inclusion of social media are hoping to achieve that has to be recognised.

In just a few days time on 13th March, friends will be able to poop on their friends via their social networking site account. Basically if your friend doesn’t pick up messages on their mobile handset then they will have the opportunity to do so on their Facebook or Twitter page, all in the name of charity, and before you ask what charity will be benefiting from this, then we can tell you via Mashable, it is linked to promoting water sanitation issues.

Campaigns such as GiveLove and with sponsors CoTweet, mGive and Giveo have strived to make the rest of us aware of just how important clean drinking water is to third world countries, and the health problems associated when its not available. Many issues arise from lack of hygiene and toilet facilities. In a statement from the World Poopin Day website, it was said, “ Sanitation is not the kind of topic you’re just going to start talking about. There are cultural norms about decency, privacy, and shame that go with talking about poop and pee. It’s much easier to watch videos of kittens.”

To sign up to the service, it couldn’t have been easier. Head on over to using Facebook and/or Twitter, and throughout the 13th March, you will be sent a message(s) asking for your support. A hashtag #poopin with what is trying to be achieved as well as donation information will be issued.

In a startling fact which I have to say surprised me, is that each year diarrhoea kills more youngsters than Malaria, Measles or Aids, which basically equates to the world losing 70,000 classrooms of young children every year.

Will you be signing up to World Poopin Day, if so will you use Facebook or Twitter?