Sony Vaio S Range Joins The Party: Specs & Prices

We all know that Sony make good hardware, you only have to look at their games console in the PS3 and their successful ranges of laptops with the Vaio branding. We have recently reported on some new ones in the S series having their specs leaked; well now it’s official with the prices as well.

Sony has already made the 13.3” model available for pre-ordering with a price tag of $874.99 but the unique selling point for the S series of Vaio is the battery life. If you are looking for a laptop with a decent spec that will last you all day then perhaps Sony is the way to go although we have looked at a few others in a comparison where OSM’s Maddy Rowe explained the ins and outs.

Of course if you want that battery life you will need to purchase the ‘slice’ battery which is an optional $150 on top. Without the slice as Slashgear’s Chris Davies says in his article you will only be looking at around 5.5 hours for the standard battery or 8 hours from the upgraded one. With the slice you will be looking at around 15 hours.

Slashgear’s article also tells a little bit more about some of the processors that are available, the entry level Vaio S has a Core i3-380M but you can also choose the i5-480M or the i5-580M. You can also get up to 8GB of RAM and if you aren’t too keen on the standard Intel HD integrated GPU then you can pick the NVIDIA GeForce 310 graphics with 512MB of dedicated memory making your machine a beast.

These devices are expected to ship from March and if you want to read some more about the laptops then head over to Sony’s official website. What do you think of the Sony Vaio S series? Have they just made the laptop you have been waiting for? Let us know in the comments section below.