Sony Ericsson Running Windows Phone 7?

When it comes to Sony Ericsson and the phones they have on the way such as the Xperia Play and the Xperia Pro running on Android operating systems you have to wonder why we are seeing a SE device running on Windows Phone 7.

Well that’s pretty much what’s happened; there are pictures of a prototype Sony Ericsson device that looks as if it is running on the Windows Phone 7 platform. According to Engadget’s Sean Hollister, Sony Ericsson was named as a partner for WP7.

He also explains that the pair were rumored to have produced a slider device much like the one pictured in our article and he is wondering if this is SE and WP7 trying again. We don’t think so, this in our eyes looks to be someone who has hacked the device and got WP7 running on it for the photos.

Then perhaps added that little bit of wording along the bottom of the phone saying ‘Prototype: Not For Sale’ for a bit of added effect. We could be wrong this might be the next big handset with all singing all dancing specs to be announced by SE but we are definitely in doubt. Another thing is Xbox Live being shown on a Sony device – not sure about that!

What do you think real or fake? Let us know in the comments section below.